Vendor Relationship Management

Sound business relations with vendors are essential in order to maintain a dependable, competent source of supply for the uninterrupted flow of quality goods and services.

Purchasing is the primary source of contact and channel of communication with all vendors. Honesty, integrity, confidence and tact; shall be employed by purchasing staff to establish and maintain mutually satisfactory bonds of respect and understanding with vendors.

These relationships will enable purchasing staff to enhance the reputation of the company in the course of their duties, building goodwill that will serve the company well in all of its activities.


Purchasing shall develop and maintain adequate numbers of competent vendors for all material and service requirements of the company. This ensures better opportunity for continuity of supply, fosters competition and generates good will and a broader range of industry contacts.

In evaluating the relative qualifications of existing and potential vendors, Purchasing selects those qualified sources that offer the optimum combination of the following considerations for the facilities served:

• Exhibits documented excellence on safety, health and environmentalperformance and performs drug testing if a provider of contract labor
• Current and historical financial position
• Reliability and reputation
• Willingness to work with SOLREV in developing mutually beneficial arrangements
• Satisfactory performance
• Proof of an active and effective quality program that stresses continuous improvement.
• Competitive prices
• Management integrity and progressiveness
• Position in industry
• Trade relations
• Suitable physical facilities
• Inventory levels and storage locations
• Stable labor force and raw material sources
• Cooperative and available source of technical advice
• Proof of regulatory compliance
• Electronic communication capability
• Accessibility
• Contribution to local economy

Key vendor performance shall be evaluated periodically. The legitimate competitive advantage accruing to an established supplier through continued opportunity to supply our needs must be earned and maintained by satisfactory performance.