Vendor Accreditation

Vendor Development Policy
Vendors who wish to supply SOLREV shall have the capability to supply quality products or services, and shall have the technical, commercial and financial ability, adequate equipment and facilities, competent manpower resources and good service performance/track record to ensure reliability and optimal value for the company.

Application for Vendor Accreditation
All prospective supply sources are required to submit to the Vendor Accreditation Program. Applicant vendors are required to accomplish and submit the Application for Vendor Accreditation Form together with all the required supporting documents indicated in the check list. Prospective vendors are to be assessed and pre-qualified by Supply Chain Management whereby the vendor shall be instructed on the company’s accreditation procedure that will be followed. In most cases, a site visit shall be conducted by a composite team to inspect and assess the supplier’s facilities. The supplier shall be formally advised of the evaluation result of their application.