The patented USES® Universal Shunt Efficiency System provides power conditioning and protection from the potentially damaging power line surges and spikes. Additionally, the USES® Universal Shunt Efficiency System can reduce the electrical energy costs associated with the operation of inductive loads-motor driven equipment and appliances and magnetically ballasted lighting systems.

USES® works! It works very well, and it saves energy and operating expenses. The unique application of the wrap-around chokes enables wasted magnetic energy to be converted to useful energy, which is then supplied to the electrical system. This intern reduces harmonic current. It also reduces electrical power drawn from the utility to operate inductive loads like air conditioning, pumps, compressors, and magnetically ballasted or high pressure sodium lighting systems.

Benefits include:

  • Listed by UL and CSA validation
  • Improved equipment reliability, including computer and electronic systems
  • Reduced lifecycle maintenance, repair, and replacement costs

Specifically Engineered to Save You Money:

  • Reduces true kilowatt demand
  • Reduces kilowatt hours
  • Improves power factor
  • Reduces motor wear and maintenance
  • Extends motor life by approx. 25% and reduces downtime
  • Increases lighting ballast and lamp life by approx. by 25%
  • Protects electronics and equipment against surges, spikes & lightning strikes
  • Reduces the total current content, including the damaging harmonics (#5 and #7)
  • Improves your overall electrical system performance
  • Reduces motor and ballasted fixture temperature by average of ten degrees

Surge Protection:

  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Industrial quality protection from external
  • surges and spikes for your entire facility.
  • High Voltage and Lightning Strike Protection
  • Self-sacrificing components protect your valuable electronics.

Important Benefits:

  • Generates Electricity from wasted “heat” energy
  • UL, CSA, and Government approved
  • Maintenance Free – 15 to 20 year expected life under normal conditions
  • Installed in Parallel to the load in the building – No negative effects
  • Dynamic Performance – Constantly correcting your power quality
  • Modular – Additional units can be added as your business grows
  • Green Technology – Conserves our Precious Resources
  • Resonance-Free (Passive) – Free from equipment-damaging resonances
  • Utility Patent – 22 years verified performance
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.