Residential and commercial air-conditioning systems account for approximately 60% of power consumption. SOLREV Energy recognizes the importance of reducing this large power consumer by utilizing Solar Assisted A/C systems.

By "Super Heating" the refrigerant with the aid of a solar collector, we are able to increase the temperature difference between the condenser coil and the ambient temperature (DeltaT). By creating this difference, solar assisted AC or Refrigeration is able to utilize the entire coil face at the condenser which allows for a better heat exchange throughout the entire system

With a greater heat exchange, solar assisted systems are able to not only reduce the temperature in the conditioned space, but also maintain better humidity control, which makes the space more comfortable at higher temperatures. In addition, your air conditioning unit doesn’t need to run as long and actually cycles less-reducing further the cost of operation and ownership.
With the combination of the solar heat and changing the thermodynamic process of the refrigerant, solar assisted systems are able to reduce the workload of the compressor. This then lowers the electrical consumption, reduces the running time of the entire system and maintains a more comfortable air conditioned space.