James Casallo

Mr. Casallo, who maintains dual citizenship in both the US and the Philippines will oversee the construction of all solar farm activity for SOLREV Energy. His experience includes being the Engineer of Record for over 20 high profile projects in Guam and the CNMI; those projects included multiple US Navy, Gov Guam, and Docomo Pacific projects. In addition, Mr. Casallo acted as the local representative and construction manager for the Boeing Corporation in the buildup of a 25.65 MW solar farm that involves the installation of approximately 120,000 solar panels, a 26MW Substation, and the installation of 6 miles of a 34.5KV underground transmission line. Mr. Casallo also serves the Electrical Engineer Consultant for Imperial Grand Hotel and Casino in Saipan, CNMI contracted by MCC-CERI Pacific Investment (China) a $300-million dollar project that will be an icon property in the region. Mr. Casallo has served in both the private and government sectors during the last 28 years as a professional engineer and master electrician, with multiple projects giving him a tremendous perspective for the basis of his leadership.

You can contact James at James@solrevenergy.com