Investor Considerations

The Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies and populations in Asia and as such its requirement for power has never been higher and increases every day. Key business opportunities pegged to come into the market are tied specifically to the availability of power that is both stable and economical. The Renewable Energy sector is experiencing tremendous growth that is expected to run well into the next decade. In a country that does not have an abundance of natural resources to use for energy generation, Solar has emerged as the fastest deployable power generation option to see to the day time power needs of this growing community while simultaneously providing grid stability improvement.

SOLREV Energy has positioned itself strategically in the marketplace to insure a strong performing portfolio mixed with Private, LGU, CO-OP, and FIT type projects in various stages of development and execution. SOLREV has developed direct and bi-lateral agreements to bring its projects to market and offers several strategies for investors to participate.

If you are interested in investing in one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines, SOLREV is the right choice!

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