Corporate Supply Chain and Purchasing Policy

Supply Chain thru Purchasing shall secure quality products and services that will meet the requirements of the company in the most cost efficient and timely manner, all of which will be in line with the objectives and standards of the company.

Core Concepts

Quality - Supply Chain and Purchasing processes shall comply with ISO Quality Standards in its dedication to providing the best possible value and ensure quality materials and services for internal and external customers.

Customer and Stakeholder Focus - Supply Chain Management will provide products and services that will meet and exceed customer and stakeholder needs and expectations. Management will learn from customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders’ feedback in upholding its reputation for fair dealings, integrity, and straight-forwardness.

Safety - Only Products and services that are compliant with international quality and safety standards will be acquired from qualified vendors by Supply Chain management. Sub-contractors commissioned at project sites are obliged to adhere to the company’s safety requirements.

Environment – Compliance to local and international regulations and standards for the protection of the environment shall be an integral part of Supply chain processes and the company’s dealings with suppliers.

Innovation – Supply Chain associates and suppliers shall keep abreast and pursue new technologies, market conditions, trends, best practices and methods to innovate and improve processes, efficiency, effectiveness and overall costs.

Continuous Improvement – Supply Chain Management shall apply the practice of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and the Criteria for Performance Excellence to systematically introduce change and pursue improvements. Suppliers are likewise obliged to adhere to the same practice and principles for their continual improvement.