What does ONE PLANET A, NO PLANET B mean?

At SOLREV Energy, we recognize the finite value and the responsibility to search out and execute sustainable practices that become part of our daily lifestyle. SOLREV Energy is committed to identifying and supporting opportunities within our respective community that embody a sustainable lifestyle and promote community activity. A “Lifestyle” means you are living out this choice and fighting the status quo.

SOLREV Energy is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with all of its endeavors in the Philippines. At SOLREV its about being part of every community we work in from individuals to the Barangay they live in; from the municipalities all the way to the Provincial Governments we serve; that responsibility is at the heart of everything we do.

SOLREV remains committed to working along side community leaders to understand the impact of every project we participate in. We discuss how the “people” can and will benefit and how the communities we serve can become our partners in each project from short term needs that include labor, professional services, and other work; to the long term support with full time staff and support needs that service each project installed.

SOLREV is also directly linked to the Erlyn’s House Foundation a not for profit Philippine corporation that houses scholarship funds derived from our projects. The foundation is the direct recipient of a financial benefit from every solar project constructed and allows for the benefit of ongoing full time high school and college scholarships. What makes this opportunity unique, it is designed to benefit the community for the duration of the solar farms life cycle (25-30 years). Not only provincial residents where the solar farm is constructed are eligible for this scholarship opportunity, but interested recipients can submit applications twice per year for consideration. This means the community benefits from the positive economic impact of construction of a facility, operation of the facility, and long term educational resources provide by our domestic projects.

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