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It was only a few years back when the first solar powered street lights Philippines shined on the streets of Pasig City. 27 street lights were installed as part of the Clean Air Month. And it is quite overwhelming that the government is acknowledging the benefits of using solar power in our country.

How do these street lights work?

These street lights, with batteries and solar panels on top, absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day and converts it to electricity at night. The streetlights automatically light up and run from 6pm to 5:30am.

What benefits do we get from using them?

The use of solar energy to light up streetlights cuts down the government’s monthly electrical bill by almost 70%. It not only gives us a financial benefit but is also renewable energy source. As a renewable energy, it lowers carbon emission and pollutants.

How much do these solar powered street lights cost?

A solar street light can cost between P30,000-P49,000, depending on the type of light and height of the streetlight pole itself. This investment will pay for itself in 2-3 years, while lasting up to 25-years.

What about its maintenance? How much will it cost?

Solar panel maintenance is pretty easy. It only needs to be wiped down every few months.

Using solar power electricity is a way to help with the issues of global warming and the decreasing, harmful energy sources that have been in use for centuries. Our government is doing its share to lessen the problems we have with regards to this. It is envisioned that solar powered street lamps will light up all the streets of the Philippines, especially in remote areas.

For now, billion-peso projects on solar powered streetlights are underway all over the Philippines. This is a wonderful step towards a holistically better nation.

Some of our countrymen are also using solar power for electricity at home and in some business establishments. It is now time for us to extend our knowledge of this renewable energy source to our less fortunate fellowmen for them to recognize its enormous benefits to us and to our environment.


SOLREV Energy is here to supply your residential, commercial, government, and educational renewable energy solutions; that are both sustainable and economical. Your solar powered streetlights and solar installation needs here in the Philippines, will be met with excellent customer support and quality solutions.

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Filipinos are now getting acquainted with the idea of using solar panels for home use. We can see some of our fellow country men already using this type of energy source in their houses. Malls, Companies, Schools, Hospitals, and even churches have been using solar power for a while now. Many Filipinos are still uninformed about the use of solar panels, SOLREV is here to answer some questions that may weigh on your mind.

Practicality of Solar Power Use

Can I use solar panels at home?

  • Provided you have enough space open to direct sunlight for the solar panels to collect enough sunlight for your home.

How much do home solar panels Philippines cost?

  • It would depend on the quality of the equipment, but it usually ranges from Php100,000 to Php150,000 per kilowatt.

How many solar panels does my house need?

  • That would depend on the amount of energy you use at home. If you wish to go completely solar powered, you would need more panels and effective battery storage.This would also benefit you in cases of typhoons, ‘brown-outs’ or inadequate sunlight.
  • A grid-tied solar panel installation is advisable. It will hook up to your local electricity provider and will integrate seamlessly without any hassles or concern by you.

Solar panels are expensive. Will I really be saving money?

  • If you have a 1 kilowatt solar panel system installed, you will be saving around Php2,000 per month. Let’s say your solar panels cost Php150,000. It would actually pay for itself in 7 years. And you can still use those panels for at least 15 years. There is a lot of savings and you are in control of future expenses related to power.

What if it’s the rainy season where it can be cloudy for weeks?

  • The Philippines has an average of 5hours of sunlight per day. You would still be able to use your solar panels even if it gets rainy or cloudy. The panels used by SOLREV have all been selected for what is called “low light” performance. These panels still make electricity very efficiently in low light levels. Having a suitable battery storage system allows you to extend the power consumption.

What is SOLREV?

  • SOLREV Energy is a growing supplier of renewable energy in the Western Pacific. They offer sustainable and economical renewable energy solutions to their clients, from residential, commercial, to government sectors.

Philippines solar power is quite vast, only if you have the resources to collect this energy. With our climate and geographical position, we have an advantage to use the the sun’s energy. Proper education and guidance will be the key to using this sustainable energy to its fullest and create the best benefit for our clients.

Any more questions? Just visit SOLREV . We are willing to educate and help you.

Solar Power for Home in the Philippines

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Being a country of more than 7000 islands under the Pacific sun, the Philippines has an abundance of sunlight to make solar power for home very much possible. It is unfortunate, however, that this energy source is not very well known in the country, especially in small, rural localities where electricity is very scarce. We usually just rely on electric companies or CO-OPs to supply us with the energy we need. Luckily, with SOLREV, people in the Philippines will become educated about solar energy and its use.


Philippines solar energy through SOLREV has been making its purpose known recently. It just hasn’t reached all of the country yet. At SOLREV, we not only provide you with equipment for solar energy consumption but also empower you with knowledge on the do’s, don’ts and why’s of solar energy.

Do’s: Invest in solar energy to cut back on monthly expenses, take control of your power needs, and help protect the environment.

Don’ts: Don’t get solar panels from unqualified or inexperienced contractors, demand a site visit, and expect a complete understanding and justification of the contractor’s recommendations with an accurate ROI.

Why?: Today solar energy is readily available and will be for a long time. It has the ability to help clients become energy independent and in some cases enjoy “Off-Grid” living.

Availability of solar power and energy storage for sale in the Philippines is easy accessed by anyone and anywhere because of SOLREV and our comprehensive and unique solutions.

Is Having a Solar Powered Home Worth It?

It is always the notion of many in the Philippines that only the rich can afford the use of solar energy. That thought was already proven to be untrue. Would you invest in solar panels and cut your electricity costs for at least 15, 20, even 25 years? Of course you would. Our country has one of the most expensive electricity charges in the world, after all. Using solar power will be a luxury anyone can afford if designed and installed properly.

Put these thoughts in mind if you plan on investing in solar panels.

  • The sun is a very sustainable source of energy. It is a renewable source which we will never run out of. And it is quite advantageous to us Filipinos since our country is almost always sunny.
  • Maintenance of the solar panels that collect energy is easy and effortless. It only needs a wipe down every few months. It is very easy and ready to use. In case a problem occurs, maintenance personnel, like in SOLREV, will be available to help you out.
  • Solar panels are as silent as night. You wouldn’t have to worry about any noise like with bulky generators.
  • Solar energy source is environmentally friendly. You will not have to worry about carbon emission destroying our world.
  • Investing in solar panels that will pay for itself,guarantees our clients will continue to receive a benefit for their household and recognize their Return on Investment (ROI).

It is safe to say that solar energy is very advantageous today and will be even more valuable in the near future.