Philippines Solar Energy for Factories

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Philippines solar energy  is getting the attention it deserves these days. And it is timely because solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available. The Philippines has only been using it for a few years which is unfortunate since the Philippines is in an area where the weather is always sunny, with only a few rainy months. Making use of the solar energy in factories here will definitely have numerous benefits including no negative environmental impact.

Solar power for factories

Factories do continuous processes daily, from manufacturing to packaging. Under one roof, different work can be done and these include assembling, repairing, testing, processing, storing and a lot more depending on your type of business. Because of this, factories consume a great deal of energy. It usually makes use of electricity and heat energy, and a lot of diesel for generators.

  • Why should you use solar power for your factory?
  • Factory buildings are usually designed with a large roof area and this makes it advantageous for solar panel installation.
  • Solar energy can supply a large percentage of the factory’s electricity needs.
  • It can counter the peak consumption of energy in your factory and can protect you from increasing electricity rates for at least 15 years and as long as 40 years.
  • It is an investment that will pay for itself in a few years.
  • solar power systemis a reliable source of energy.
  • It requires minimal maintenance.
  • It can be installed on wherever as long as it faces direct sunlight, on garage roofs for example.
  • You will be doing the world a big favor by cutting your factory’s carbon emission greatly.
  • Here are some things that consume the greatest electricity in a factory:
  • Machineries
  • Lights
  • Motors
  • Fans and air conditioners
  • Refrigeration
  • Other electrical equipment

These machines and equipment consume great amounts of electricity. But this can be supplied by solar energy if you take the effort to understand solar power and get it installed in your factory. If you have solar panels on your roof, your electric bill will decrease immensely.

  • Are there any constraints with the use of solar power in factories?
  • There may be problems depending on your roof area and roof type. Night time use and unforeseen weather also pose constraints with the use of solar power.

These are just a few of the things you need to know if you’re getting solar panels for your factory. To learn more about this just visit , the fastest growing supplier of the best solar panels in the Philippines.

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Many malls in the Philippines are now going solar due to the advantages of commercial solar power. Numerous homes have been installing solar panels on their roofs because of long term benefits, and the business sector won’t be left behind.Solar energy is actually the current trend in the power industry and early adopters are seeing the true benefits. The Philippines has been dependent on coal and diesel for its energy needs for a long time;  it’s time we start using more from an energy source that is readily available and much more sustainable.

Why your Commercial Building Should go Solar

Although the market for solar energy has greatly increased in the recent years, it still only supplies a minimal percentage of our country’s energy. So why should you start utilizing solar power in your business? Here are some reasons that you should consider:

  1. Prices of solar power systems have greatly decreased as compared to prices 5 years ago.
  2. Your business can maintain lesser energy rates.
  3. Your business can have predictable electricity costs.
  4. You can reduce your buildings operational costs.
  5. You will lessen your carbon footprint and use “green” marketing strategy.
  6. Solar power systems are low maintenance but highly reliable.
  7. Commercial buildings’ usual designs are quite suitable for a solar power system.
  8. Going solar in the Philippines is advantageous because of its sunny weather.

It is unfortunate, however, that many businesses do not know or refuse to believe the benefits they will reap if they install solar panels in their establishments. They only think of solar power systems as a high technology power source that will require a lot of money. What they should be thinking is that commercial solar energy systems will work great with any type of business and buildings no matter which industry they belong.

If you are still unconvinced about the advantages of using the sun’s energy to power your business, think of these problems:

  • Expensive electric bills
  • Continuous operations
  • Increasing electricity rates

No matter what your business is, if you suffer from these factors, you should consider going solar. Solar power companies, like SOLREV Energy, will be happy to give you information and educate you about solar energy. They not only provide you with the supplies you will need for your solar power system but they will assist you and help you understand more. It is through education that we gain knowledge and reap benefits from it, after all. Just visit  to know more.

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The future is bright for solar energy in the PhilippinesOur country may be a little bit late with the use of this renewable energy, but we are catching up fast. Many homes now have solar panels on their rooftops to supply their electricity needs. The first solar powered streetlights in Manila shined a few years back. Malls are also going solar as their energy source. Moreover, the business industry is turning their factories and establishments solar, too. Why the hype about the sun’s energy?

Why go solar in the Philippines?

  • One of the reasons why the Philippines should go solar is because of its climate. Situated in the Pacific, with only two seasons, wet and dry, it is home to summer almost year-round. It is almost always sunny and tourists visit its islands for that reason. During the dry season, the sun can be very harsh. but use that to your advantage and get solar panels to absorb the sun’s energy for your consumption.
  • Electricity in the Philippines is very costly. We rank 5thin a list of the world’s most expensive power rates. That’s reason enough for you to go solar and control your energy future.
  • As a developing country, coal is still the main energy source here in the Philippines. Many businesses are being set up each year, Commercial and Industrial solar energy applications would mean cutting down on company costs and would put companies in charge of their respective energy futures in the Philippines.
  • Advantages of going solar in your business
  • Return on investment. Yes,solar panels are an investment. In most cases Commercial clients experience ROI’s of 5-years or less. Long-term benefits include static cost projections for power over system life cycles of 25-30 years.
  • Maintain power cost. Every year electricity rates increase, but if you have a solar power system, you will benefit from a hedge to protect yourself and your company from this added expense.
  • Eco-friendly promotion. Include your use of clean energy in your marketing strategy. With the many “green” enthusiasts in the Philippines, your company will earn a lot of empathy and notariety because of your use of renewable energy.

Is there a drawback to going solar?

  • You may think twice about installing solar panels because it can be expensive. Given the ROI time frame and cost predictability benefit, the investment is well worth it and SOLREV will guide you through the process to insure your satisfaction..
  • Solar has one inherent drawback, we need the sun to produce electricity. Solar batteries are available for this reason. You can contact solar panel suppliers, like SOLREV Energy, for information on this.

Whether you go solar for residential, business or industrial use, the benefits greatly outweigh any disadvantages, especially if you live in the Philippines. You only need to be more informed about solar energy. You can contact  if you wish to know more.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your home were to run on Philippines solar energy? It will definitely reduce your electricity bills to a great extent. The Philippines is at an advantage when it comes to solar power,situated off the southeast coast of Asia where the climate is almost always sunny.The Philippines can gather abundant energy from the sun and run a whole house on its power in as little as 4-5 hours per day.

How to Use Solar Energy for Home Use

Solar energy is absorbed through solar panels. These panels should be situated in an area with direct sunlight,usually on the roof. It is a pretty simple process. Sunlight is absorbed and it is converted to energy that is released by the solar panel. The complication with this, however, is that the energy is usually in a direct current (DC) and not the voltage compatible for appliance use (AC). This is remedied by the use of an inverter. With this, you can then have solar power for all of your home appliances.

Advantages of Running your Home on Solar Power

Using solar panels to power a home and not rely solely on electricity from power companies will give you numerous benefits. Some of these are:

  • Save on your electric bill

Your savings will rely on the size of your solar system. You can cut your expenses to an average of 50% or you can eliminate it completely and run exclusively on solar energy.

  • Increase your house value in the market

Installing solar panels on your home will increase its worth depending on the how much watt you have installed. This will be quite an advantage if you plan on selling your house. It has also been found that houses with solar panels sell faster than those without it.

  • Protect yourself from increasing electricity rates

Solar panels can last a minimum of 25 years and can even generate energy for as long as 40 years. This will be greatly advantageous since electricity rates are always increasing year after year. The Philippines has one of the most expensive electricity rates in the world.

  • Decrease carbon emission

Carbon dioxide causes global warming which is a serious issue right now. The use of renewable energy decreases the carbon output that amounts to as much as 7 tons per year-per household, if electricity use comes from electric companies. Using solar power will greatly help our environment.

Solar power systems can be quite challenging to understand for the average person. Just visit SOLREV Energy for more information on this renewable energy source.