Living on Solar Powered Home Appliances

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Advancement in technology all over the world has made our lives easier and much more comfortable, and now it has also given us ways to help the environment by creating systems to run these advanced technology on, the likes of solar powered home appliances. Making use of solar power systems in our homes is greatly beneficial, not just to us but also to the environment. And the solar industry in the Philippines is steadily rising, which is quite advantageous to the country.

We reap the benefits of advanced technology but we forget the harm some of it does to our world. Many of the machines we use every day give off pollution and greenhouse gases that destroy the environment and harm our bodies. It is time we give back and use more of the renewable energy that’s readily available and not rely too much on coal and fuel.

Solar Power Companies

The Philippines have been using coal and fuel as its energy source for years. However, the government has passed recent laws regarding the use of renewable energy which gave rise to quite a number of renewable energy companies, like Solrev Energy, in this archipelago.

It is a good thing, though. Solar power companies, with support from the government, initiated ways to educate the people and spread awareness of solar power. Many Filipinos now are more informed and a number of families have started using photovoltaic systems in their homes.

Solrev Energy believes in educating their client, and helping them understand that these systems don’t just work for today but through the years to come.

Solar Powered Appliances

Solar panels for home use are getting popular in the Philippines in the recent years. Actually, many achievements have been reached in the solar industry. But can photovoltaic systems really power your home? And can all your appliances run on solar power?

In the Philippines, using a system that is connected to the grid is advisable. It is not really practical to go off-grid and run your house completely on solar energy. Here are some tips on solar home appliances.

  • Electrical heating appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are “power-hungry” appliances and not advisable to run on solar power.
  • It is wise to run your lighting, fans, TV and smaller appliances on solar energy and connect higher power appliances to the grid.
  • If you plan to get everything supplied by you solar system, prepare for a more expensive module and plan with your supplier.

If you’re interested in going solar, you need to plan ahead. You can contact your reputable company for this. As for Solrev Energy, they are committed to assisting you from start to finish. You can visit their website and contact them now.

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With the business of solar power systems in the Philippines booming, people also got interested in the process of solar panel installation. Families who want to get solar panels on their rooftops to supply their electricity at home sometimes get worried about the installation process because they think it can damage their roofs. Even owners of business establishments get worried for this same reason. And this is why information on solar power systems as well as the installation process should be relayed simply to customers.

What you need to know before installing solar panels on your roof

Going solar and getting it installed in your rooftop is a challenge since you don’t have enough information on this process. This industry is still on the rise in the Philippines. Your neighbors probably don’t have it their roofs as well. So before going solar, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can your roof support solar panels? Keep in mind these properties that your roof must have in order to use solar panels effectively: enough sun exposure, good structure, unobstructed roof in the future. Plus, make sure you comply with the homeowners’ rules in structures in your community.
  • What kind of solar technology should you use? Will it be solar thermal or photovoltaic systems? Thermal systems make sense if you use a lot of heating processes in your home, but this is uncommon in homes.
  • How can you connect to the grid? Get information on how you can connect to the grid before anything else. Ask your local power supplier.
  • Is your solar power company trustworthy? Get to know your solar installer Philippines before committing to them. Make sure they are a reputable company like Solrev Energy.

Solar Panel Installation

Getting a solar power system for your home or business building is a great move. And you don’t have to worry about installation because solar power companies, like Solrev Energy, will be the one to do ever thing for you. However, being informed about its processes will help you better understand the technology of this renewable energy source.

For home and commercial use, the rooftop is usually the best location for solar panels. Additional equipment needed are the mounting hardware and appropriate flashings. The inverter will be installed near the main panel which can be indoor or outdoor but should be out of the sun. Batteries are also available for set-up if you decide to get some.

If you are ready to go solar, just contact your preferred company. Solrev Energy will be ready to assist you once you contact them.

Malls Go Solar in the Philippines

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The rising popularity of solar energy gave way for more people and businesses to go solar in the Philippines. Recent milestones that solar energy in this country of more than 7000 islands has achieved are two large malls in Iloilo City going solar.

  • Gaisano City mall in La Paz has installed a 1.03 megawatt solar power system on their rooftop which can supply 50% of the mall’s daytime electricity needs.
  • Robinson’s Mall Iloilo installed the largest grid-tied photovoltaic system in the city with 2404 solar panels in their roof.

These are just recent undertakings in the Philippines involving commercial solar systems. In the past couple of years, many malls in this island republic have switched to solar energy to supply their electricity needs. These solar power systems may not supply all of their electricity but at least 50% of their needs are taken from the sun.

Malls Going Solar

In the years 2014 and 2015, several businesses in the Philippines opted for a cleaner energy source in their buildings and establishments. These were the years that recorded the most intense summer heat in the country. Too hot summers are not new to Filipinos, but the summers of the last couple of years made them realize the impact of global warming to the world. It has indeed become extremely hot. And this is why malls became the perfect hangout.

It has to be acknowledged that some malls are doing their share of helping the environment. Malls that installed solar panels to supply some of their electricity also cut off a great percentage of their carbon output. This is a great help in slowing down or maybe even stopping climate change.

Here are some malls with photovoltaic systems on their roofs:

  • SM North Edsa – the world’s biggest solar powered mall in 2014
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Dasmarinas
  • Robinson’s Place Palawan
  • Ayala’s Marquee Mall in Pampanga
  • City Mall in Roxas City

Solar Power Companies

It is quite impressive that businessmen in the Philippines are making a way to give back to Mother Nature. Making partnerships with solar panel suppliers in order to use a more sustainable and cleaner energy source is something to be proud of.  Soon even small buildings will follow these huge malls’ lead in using renewable energy.

Solar power companies like Solrev Philippines will provide the equipment needed for your solar power system. At Solrev Philippines, they are not only committed to providing you with the best solar panels but also with the education about solar power that you will need.

The Booming Industry of Philippine Solar Power

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Philippine solar power is now at its peak, so far. We may not know but may be a few years from now, the popularity and increasing sales of solar power systems will hit its all-time high. But for now, this industry is booming. Solar power in the Philippines has been taken for granted for such a long time. The people didn’t know about its abundance and sustainability as an energy source and they have been totally dependent on coal and fuel. What led to the shift to solar energy?

The Progress of Solar Power in the Philippines

Although solar power has not yet taken over the energy industry in the Philippines, its use has greatly increased in the past years and has several milestones in the solar industry up to date.

Photovoltaic systems have been in the Philippines more than a decade ago. But its use is only being acknowledged and promoted recently. Only the rich have been able to afford this system in their homes, business and other establishments before. Today, however, even middle class families have solar panels installed in their roof tops.

But why is this renewable energy source suddenly booming in the country? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Innovations in the technology of solar power systems made it more efficient.
  • The Philippines government passed on laws regarding the use of renewable energy.
  • Prices of solar power systems have greatly decreased as compared to previous years.
  • Many solar power companies started business in this island country.
  • Prices of electricity in the Philippines as only getting more and more expensive every year.
  • The people are getting more educated about solar energy advantages and disadvantages. And they realized that they gain a lot more benefits compared to the few downsides of solar power.

Milestones in the Solar Industry

In the few years that solar energy began climbing up the energy industry, it has already achieved many milestones. Some of these include:

  • The world’s largest solar powered mall in 2014, SM North EDSA, started its operations.
  • The first solar powered university in Manila in 2014, Manuel L. Quezon University, supplied the school’s electricity needs through its photovoltaic systems.
  • The first solar power plant in the Visayas was inaugurated in May 2014.
  • Mindanao’s largest diesel replacement solar power plant was commissioned in 2015.
  • The Calatagan solar farm, the largest in the Philippines, started generating power in March 2016.
  • Recently, in Iloilo, the Gaisano City mall became the first mall with its electricity supplied by solar panels on its rooftop.

These milestones will on be added into by more in the coming years. And with more solar power companies like Solrev energy, more will definitely be achieved. Check out the services offered by Solrev.