Tom Teehan

CEO Tom Teehan has a heart for the islands because he is from the islands. Born and raised in Hawaii, on the island of O’ahu, he brings an invaluable understanding of island life, and its inherent challenges. From an early age Mr. Teehan dealt with adversity growing up in a rural part of the island known as Waianae. Growing up in Waianae presented various challenges which served to sharpen his resolve and drive, then and now.

As a professional, Mr. Teehan capitalized on that drive rising up through the ranks at several renowned international and domestic companies like Iron Age Corporation, Aramark, Truscelli Team Racing and Front Range Training. In addition to his internal drive for professional excellence, Mr. Teehan is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for new opportunities that present an exponential growth potential. His passion for growth and his successful track record have taken him from industries as diverse as manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging to building custom homes for high net worth clientele in the South Pacific. In each case Mr. Teehan has applied that passion and vision to achieve growth in each respective sector, while simultaneously achieving the respect of his industry peers and competitors. His drive and relentless perseverance coupled with his inherent competitive nature, makes Mr. Teehan a distinguishable force in whatever industry he chooses to focus his efforts.

Mr. Teehan turned his focus to the Western Pacific market in September of 2012, in pursuit of contracting opportunities both in Guam and the surrounding region of Micronesia. Mr. Teehan was successful in negotiating and winning an Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) contract for the development and maintenance of a 4.1 mega watt-10 site system in the island State of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, where SOLREV Energy will bring power and electrification to the Faichuk region of the lagoon for the first time in history.

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